Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management, LLC has a long heritage of serving the complex financial management needs of wealthy individuals, families and institutions. Our advisors have over 80 years of combined experience in the industry.

Today, we serve clients nationwide and total assets under management exceed $450 million dollars.

We predominantly use individual securities to create portfolios designed to achieve each client’s financial goals.

We take pride in providing our clients peace of mind.

Our Approach

Over the years, our advisors have worked with hundreds of clients of varying wealth management needs. Over time, we have perfected a comprehensive – yet flexible – process for working with individuals and families as they negotiate the complexities of wealth management.

Comprehensive & Flexible

At BCWM, we understand that our clients’ lives are affected by numerous interdependent financial concerns and goals. From children and college, to home purchase and upkeep; from caring for aging parents, to planning for their own retirement, each area affects the others in myriad ways.

That’s why we take a universal approach to the analysis and management of these integrated subsystems within our clients’ lives. While our approach is comprehensive, it is also inherently flexible, so that we can help our clients respond to changes in the family, their goals, the world.

When you become a BCWM client, you can expect the following approach to our services:

  • Establishing Family Goals & Plans
  • Comprehensive Data Gathering
  • Creating Financial Statements
  • Determining Lifetime Risk Projection
  • Creating a Liability Risk Assessment
  • Establishing Investment Plans & Portfolio
  • Management of Your Portfolio In-House
  • Monitoring Plan Performance