Para Planner

Matthew joined BCWM in 2015 as a Para Planner, supporting our lead advisors on technical issues and wealth management reviews. Gathering data, designing cases, building scenarios, and developing plans and presentations all fall under Matt’s responsibility, and are vital in helping our wealth advisors gain the information necessary for clients’ financial planning. Critical tasks include preparing financial statements and projections, assisting with estate plan and tax plan reviews, and coordinating with clients’ other professionals to ensure seamless asset management.

Matt also views client accounts from a holistic perspective to help determine that clients’ goals are being met, and explore other ways in which needs could be addressed. His role is one that combines research, groundwork and strategic analysis that are an asset for the wealth management team.

Matt earned his degree in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. He participated in the national Financial Planning Challenge, and was the official presenter of his team’s financial plan to a board of judges at the FPA Business and Education Conference in Seattle.

A member of Kansas State University’s marching band, Matt performed at all home football games as well as bowl games in New York City and Dallas.

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