Although there might be a remote (extremely remote) possibility that Bitcoin could someday become the predominant worldwide currency, we feel until there is a likelihood that Joe Schmo could easily use it at the drive-thru to pick up a cheeseburger, its adoption by the common person will be stubbornly slow outside the nerd-world. There is(…)

One Year Later

Friday, 10 November 2017 by

One year ago, millions of Americans went to the polls and voted against their least favorite candidate. And although more people voted against Trump, the Electoral College once again kept our country from being ruled by California and New York. Just prior to the 2016 election, we wrote in our November Investment Commentary, “Calm Before(…)

Threats from North Korea, mass-murder in Las Vegas, major hurricanes hammering Texas and Florida, earthquakes in Mexico, and more terror attacks in Europe . . . clearly an environment that would have investors running for the exits. Yet, despite this deluge of disaster, the stock market has persisted to be strong this past month, rising(…)

It is a relief to hear that all of the friends, family, and clients of Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management who live in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean weathered both hurricanes successfully. If there is anything good that can be taken from storms that cause over $200 billion in damage, it is the anecdotal stories(…)

The silence is almost deafening. Navigating the quiet markets is like being in a library. (Remember those places you used to go to find books before you could buy them online for $8.00?) We’ve alluded to the Volatility Index (VIX) in past Investment Commentaries. The VIX, which is derived from a complicated formula, measures the(…)