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In what will easily be the most bizarre presidential campaign in our lives (maybe in history), I am telling you today that it is important that you vote. I’m not telling you which candidate should receive your vote. My Investment Commentary remains impartial for a reason. But never in my life have I heard so(…)

“Invest your money with me. I guarantee I’ll give you back less than what you invested.” This is what investors are hearing all over the world as over $10 trillion of sovereign bonds are trading at negative interest rates today. That’s right, if you invest in bonds issued by Germany, Japan and several other legitimate(…)

Last week, Laura Carley and I attended the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Montreal. Over 2,000 Chartered Financial Analysts gathered from 70 different countries. It was like a big global nerd convention. It turns out that nerds from other countries are a lot like nerds from the USA. There are always a few good(…)

The first quarter of 2016 appeared to be a non-event in the stock market. The S&P 500 gained a little over 1%. Foreign stocks declined just a smidge. No big deal, right? Unless you were backpacking in the Himalayas with no internet access, you know that the first quarter was anything but a non-event. January(…)

Gold has been on a tear lately. It is exciting for all those “investors” (I use that term loosely) who perpetually think the investment world is ending to see the price of gold cease its relentless descent. Gold has frustrated doomsday investors. After peaking in 2010 at almost $1,900 an ounce, its price plummeted more(…)