Friday, 24 June 2016 by

Yesterday, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU). This is not a non-event along the lines of Y2K, but it doesn’t merit any kind of financial panic that seems to be the case during the opening of trading today. Let’s face it… it’s not like Britain was totally committed to this marriage(…)

In a low interest-rate environment, investors are often tempted by the promise of higher-than-market yields. While there are legitimate opportunities to add yield to a portfolio, investors should be wary of those who market the promise of high returns. The risks associated with higher-than-market returns are seldom understood until it is too late. We came(…)

Volatility is Back

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 by

China has been creating “investor angst” recently. The Shanghai Composite Index has been on a wild roller coaster ride and some investors just assume that what is bad for China is bad for the rest of the world. After hitting a high of 5,166 in mid-June, the Shanghai Composite Index has gone on a two(…)

Emerging Fraud Trend: Hostile Email Account Takeover. Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management received an email from whom we thought was a client requesting we wire $85,000 to an overseas account. The email was very authentic at first glance and it was sent from our client’s Gmail account. It was not a new dialogue, but rather(…)

The investment industry has a knack for blowing things out of proportion. Using buzz words like “guaranteed” or “tax-free”, investment salespeople are constantly figuring out ways to get investors to move money from one place to another. Some gimmicks are downright criminal. Some are very legitimate but over-rated, like converting your Traditional IRA into a Roth(…)